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Spotify Download Premium Spotify Mod Apk

Premium Spotify Mod Apk

Spotify Download Premium Spotify Mod Apk for music lover who are in desperate need of spotify premium apk free forever.

Spotify free is now available for anyone who is looking for a premium account with mod apk for their android or IOS devices. The spotify download which we are featuring is for both rooted and no rooted devices with cracked latest version. This mod apk of spotify premium can get you free lifetime access of premium music both online and offline.

Spotify Premium apk

Presenting you the latest spotify premium version, v + Final Mod (Paid) APK is (id). The applications are easy to download and install for Android devices and blackberry phones. Before installation please makes sure that you have read the instruction and permissions need to run Spotify premium mod apk smoothly for best performance.

Spotify Mod Apk info:

– Unlocked Spotify Connect *

– Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod

– Visual ads blocked (For most countries)

– Audio ads blocked

– Seeking enabled

– unlimited shuffle

– Choose any song

– Extreme audio unlocked

– Repeats enable

Spotify Download: Spotify Mod Apk

Spotify Mod Apk
Below are simple ways by which you can install the cracked version:

Spotify Music Premium Apk Cracked Version

  1. If another version already exist please uninstall, Skip to next point if first time spotify Download.
  2. Please download the mod apk from the links given below.
  3. Don’t worry if it wants to connect with Facebook you can freeze it later.
  4. Mark done the last step and your application s good to Go.
How to Install for Rooted devices (Beta Version)
  1. Make sure before installing spotify mod apk that your phone is rooted, you can check it via another app.
  2. Make sure that there is no other copy of Spotify Premium installed on the device or uninstall if there is.
  3. Download the apk from links given below, make sure you have donaloded the Beta version for Rooted devices.
  4. After installation completes open the the app and Log in.
  5. Install Install Xposed Framework which can be downloaded from the links given below.
  6. Also download and install Spotify Skip APK. The steps are easy and there is no modification required.
  7. Activate Spotify Skip Module, this will take some time and after the process has completed close all the running applications
  8. Restart your device. Keep in mind that it is necessary to restart your device.
  9. Now open Spotify premium app from the list and listen for free music forever.
Spotify Music Premium Mod Apk 2nd Method Installation (Rooted Devices)
  1. If by any chance the above method doesn’t work for you try this hope this will resolve the issue.
  2. Make sure that your device is rooted or you can use DRM bypass.
  3. Download and install Xposed framework, if there is a copy already you don’t need another
  4. Download, install and activate Xprivacylua Xposed Module. (All the files can be downloaded from links below)
  5. After installation Turn off tracking and sensors for Spotify app in settings menu.
  6. You are good to Go. Start using the free Spotify Mod Apk app.
If all the above methods are not working simply try the older Spotify Mod Apk versions instead.

Spotify Mod Apk Downlaod from Links Below

Latest Mod version of Spotify is

SPOTIFY MOD V8.4.46.575

Spotify Premium Mod Apk V8.4.63.579 Download

Spotify Premium APk

Spotify Download Mod Apk Version

Download Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium Apk Stable or Final Version

Download v8.4.72.845 (ARM) Download v8.4.72.845 MOD (×86)

Beta – Spotify Web Player Mode Apk

Spotify Music Premium (v8.4.72.845) Beta MOD (ARM+x86) / Mirror

Spotify Web For Intel x86

Download Spotify Premium Apk

Old Version of Spotify Premium Apk

Download Spotify v8.4.44.632 Download Spotify v8.4.39.673 Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.32.623 Stable Mega MOD Spotify Premium v8.4.31.723 Apk Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.18.743 Spotify Music Premium v8.2.0.788 Final MOD

Spotify Mod Apk- The Latest Cracked Premium Mod Apk Version For Free

spotify mod apk Cracked Premium Free Version

Google Play offers many premium and free music streaming apps like, sound cloud and Google play music. But since the launch of Spotify Mod Apk most of these music an radio streaming apps have been rated down or have gone below the top ranking. As the app reached top spot for best music service, the company released another version of Paid services for people who were willing to pay little for much better experiences and options.

Today Spotify apk has two standard versions,

Free spotify apk

The standard version which allows you stream any free track but shows number of ads before, during and after the track and has couple of restriction like you cannot download track, cant shuffle and playlist.

Paid Spotify

The free version is when upgraded to premium there is no limitation on what can be done. There is no restriction for number of playlists, downloads or shuffles.

So today we will be taking a brief road on how to use and install spotify cracked.

Download Premium spotify mod

The music experience with spotify depend mostly on your internet speed and bandwidth. As most of the apps today use 320 Kbps for live streaming best music. But if you want to have the best services without paying you should have a look at the latest cracked version of our premium spotify mod apk. Though before installing you can always have a trail session to check if you actually like what you are going to install. Spotify premium which has a monthly pad fee of $10 per month is also very reasonable, and the family plans make it even better.

spotify cracked

Almost all the famous artists have their track and albums on spotify with exception of few whose tracks can be streamed by Spotify premium mod.


Spotify Premium Mod Apk V8.4.63.579 Download

Spotify Premium APk

Spotify Download Mod Apk Version

Download Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium Apk Stable or Final Version

Download v8.4.72.845 (ARM) Download v8.4.72.845 MOD (×86)

Beta – Spotify Web Player Mode Apk

Spotify Music Premium (v8.4.72.845) Beta MOD (ARM+x86) / Mirror

Spotify Web For Intel x86

Download Spotify Premium Apk

Old Version of Spotify Premium Apk

Download Spotify v8.4.44.632 Download Spotify v8.4.39.673 Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.32.623 Stable Mega MOD Spotify Premium v8.4.31.723 Apk Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.18.743 Spotify Music Premium v8.2.0.788 Final MOD

Spotify Premium Apk- How To Download Free Music From Spotify Hacked

Spotify Apk Premium How To Download Free Music

Today the music industry is backbone of every field and one of the biggest in terms of revenue and privacy. Though people have been looking for spotify premium apk for long to listen to free music which in most places could not be reached without a premium services.

What is spotify premium Free

The online world of music which is filled with advertisements and promotional content to generate the revenue for both artist and production companies usually relay on paid content. But this could be an issue for a user who don’t want to pay the huge monthly, yearly or one time subscription fee which they usually see above their budget.

Spotify premium apk for Existing Users

And using the free version is more despising as its filled with ads which appear after few minutes of streaming or change of menu. Talking about spotify premium which also give free account options to its new or existing subscribers.An XDA developer created an open-source mod that successfully removes all ads from the Spotify app. Normally, not all people would trust coding from third-parties in apps but this an open-source project and the modifications are there for all to see. The spotify apk premium has also made his work public so that if someone wants to add to his work, it can be done. Hence, the mode app is safe to download and use.

How To Install spotify hacked

This application replaces your current spotify hacked installation. You need to uninstall any previous installations of it first.
If the app came bundled with your device, like most Samsung devices, you can’t use this mod out of the box, since you need to change the package name to a different one.

This application has been signed with a different key than the one used by Spotify. This means that Facebook login won’t work unless you don’t have Facebook’s app installed, or you uninstall and/or deactivate it, if it came bundled with your device. Once done, log-in to your account using Facebook and, once logged-in, re-download and re-activate your Facebook app, if you want to.

Spotify Premium Apk Monthly Subscription

The fact remains that in our world of today everything from small to big is present for sale and resale. Today even the secured products and promotions are being given away by people who see them as a burden for those who cannot pay the big bucks for services. Take example of spotify premium, the service which charge around 10$ per month for their music and podcast streaming is one of the biggest firm with millions of paid customers. Though the initial charge might not seem bit much but when piles up for months is a huge amount.

How to get spotify premium student discount

Though the company which says that they need the subscription for revenue and to run their services smoothly but yet the subscriber which is paying the big bucks suffers. Though most of the companies which are providing free services have been sued by these top firms to stop them from proving the free services which thus brings us to the topic of spotify download which a work of art by developers to bring the free music to the entire world. Some of theme cracked apks might be loaded with number of advertisements which is again the source of revenue but one can suffer some time for the amount of money spent.

How to get spotify premium free forever

While there are many top services in the world which are providing free services to their clients whose number are in billions like the famous WhatsApp. The app which has been proving free service to its clients since past few years and despite many hurdles have managed to stay afloat. So talking about ads there are many roundabout which can be used to move past these ads forever. Just like the Russian and American developers’ who along with XDA have brought forward a free spotify premium apk which not only has all the premium features unlocked but is also ads free. The source of applications which is open source for the security and continuity reason is arguable that is it wise to use an unknown source apk. But the application cannot be used for the purpose.

Pros and Cons

There are many Pros and Cons of download spotify:

download spotify Pros

  • The spotify free lets you access to all the music and podcasts which under normal circumstances can only be used by a paid subscriber.
  • You can create any number of playlists and libraries which you can share with you friends and community.
  • You can download any number of music tracks. There is no limit to how much and how big you can download anytime.
  • The spotify app latest version if free of ads, unlike the past versions this has none anywhere.
  • You can hear any number of podcasts of any length.
  • spotify premium free lets you explore all the options which are not allowed to unpaid subscribers.

spotify premium Cons

  • The open or unknown source applications are a huge risk to any smartphones, tablet and computer.
  • In most of past versions there are ads which appear before, between and after tracks which are annoying .
  • In most of the spotify apk versions you can only signup via Facebook or twitter accounts, which brings your social media account to a risk of exposure and data grabbing.
  • If your app gets spotted and disabled by official spotify your all data, including playlists, likes and favorites will be disabled too.
  • You might get blocked by using free spotify premium if you have been found using the cracked version.

How to get spotify premium for free without Restrictions and limitations

As per general Android and IOS rule, you can install one app at time and if you try to install another version of same one without installing the prior then it will overlap and might cause the application to crash or refuse to downgrade. So this is very important that whenever you are trying another version of spotify hacked apk be sure that you have uninstalled and deleted the already installed version with cleaning the cookies.

Nowadays most new devices come up with preinstalled version of spotify app which is an issue for most new and non-technical users as disabling and deleting the built-in app is not an easy one. You might try to install the mod apk by changing the package names which might not work for some users. It needs technical knowledge and sometimes it’s not possible to remove unless or until you change the version of your device by downgrading it. Which in itself is a huge risk.

Spotify premium for free Music

The big ask is when you try to use the free music for the first time you cannot sign up by simply using you Facebook details as you will need an active signed in account to get the process done. Which means you are gigving the open source access to your social media account for using data like, posting, knowing about your details and locations history which might results in loss of your privacy. As most of us donot know that these applications which are mostly run on Russian or Chinese servers are the biggest sources of data theft and selling.

how to get spotify premium free Download Mod

As told before installing the mod apk you should uninstall all the previous versions of spotify hacked apk. This is the first and most important step towards success. There are many versions of apps version which you can install, like version called, DogFood. The application which was once a popular source for turning spotify free premium was recently disable by the company’s security teams.

web player spotify Download and Installation guide

There are many version of apk which can be downloaded and installed in few minutes but choosing the one app is the biggest piece of work as you have to be sure that the spotify apk premium is not a scam which is after your data and loaded with virus. There are many fake versions with same name and size which are on popular networks and have been scamming people by knowing their data and details and accessing their financial details and selling the personal data. You can download the apk from below link which has been tested by our people and are risk free to download and install.

Spotify Premium FREE download latest version

Spotify Premium apk is free, and if you want to upgrade to premium, you need to pay few bucks to upgrade the same. We are going to provide you the latest and upgraded and modded version of Spotify.

Last UpdatedMarch 9, 2018
Size38.10 MB
Requires Android4.1+ (SDK16)
DeveloperSpotify LTD.
Content RatingRated for 12+
TaskStream Music Online

how to get spotify premium free forever installation guide

The installation guide is for the apk which you can download from above mentioned links. These instructions might not work with other versions as they would have different features and steps. This is the applicable for all the smartphones that run on android.

  1. Download the spotify premium apk from the given links above. Wait few minutes for the zip file to download and extract it. Before installing make sure you have uninstalled all the existing versions of spotify premium from your device and it would be better if you could clear cookies as well.
  2. Locate the downloaded file in your downloads folder and open the spotify premium free file for install. Make sure you have taken a look at the permissions need for the install.
  3. If you have not allowed the Unknown Source to install app the install would stop with an error. To do so check your settings. This option would be at different locations for different Android version but is mostly found in settings and storage.
  4. During the installation process there is nothing more for you do other than just wait. After the installation has successfully completed an icon of free spotify premium will appear on your main screen or menu.
  5. Open the icon and you will see the signup page of spotify hacked apk. All you need to do is create the account and start using it for free without any ads popping after every minute or click.
  6. Once you have created the account sign in and start enjoying your favorite music and podcasts for free. You can download too if you are using it for offline purposes.

Important if you are not sure how to create a new account have a look at this topic how to get spotify premium for free.

How to get spotify premium free forever for IOS

Many people have been asking the question regarding the free spotify premium for IOS or Apple smart phones users which are in a number of users though less than Android ones which hold the majority of used operating system. So the good news is that the programmers from Russia and China have released many versions of spotify premium apk for the IOS users although most of which are rich with ads and misleader content but some genuine applications are also present which can be used. Below we have brought you the installation file which is tested and verified by our and number of our visitors which have rated the spotify download free from reoccurring ads and bogus options.

spotify free works well with all versions of IOS and is compatible for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. Installation can be done by following the simple steps which have been briefly detailed below for people who have no or little knowledge of how to install open sourced or Unknown apps. Make sure you are using your PC for this process.
  • The first and most important thing you need to do before installation is to uninstall any or all versions of already installed spotify app. As it would not only disrupt the current installation. Please download the APK file from link given below.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the file, locate the downloaded file in your file manager or downloads folder and extract the folder. You will see a file named, Impactor. Sometimes you won’t be able to find the file, don’t panic and download the package again. The storage location where the files are stored usually cause the disruption.
  • Now connect your IOS device with your PC and y You have to use a USB cable to connect the device to PC.
  • You need to find Spotify app file and then drag the same in Cydia Impactor tool. Just select the option OK if it shows the warning.
  • Enter your apple id. There won’t be a charge or deduction of any sort from your account as the id helps in the creation of a certificate of Spotify app so that it is not visible to apple servers.
  • Enter your Apple Id password and start the installation of your IOS device. There are not many options which you need to worry about. After the installation is successfully completed open settings >> general >> profiles android device management then open Spotify app and click Trust twice.
  • Now close all the open tabs on your IOS phone and locate the spotify premium free icon on your home screen. Open it and enjoy using the free access to all the premium feature. Start by streaming some of your “groves the beats songs” and explore more of them.
  • Important: If by any chance you are facing some issues just uninstall the applications, restart your device and start the installation process from start which will hopefully resolve your issues.

how to get spotify premium for free No Internet problem resolved

The No Internet Problem usually occurs for people who live outside the USA using spotify hacked apk. The issue which is a common among the people who are trying to use the free app for both android and ios users can follow these simple steps to resolve the issue. But be sure that you have checked your internet connection before trying out these steps as you are not facing connectivity issues.

After you have checked the availability of your internet connection, move towards these simple steps to resolve the issue. As most people know that spotify free premium is not available throughout the world and is only officially released for specific countries, which bring us back to our topic of how to help people who are facing it.

The steps below are for Android users only

  • Open your Android Play Store and download any VPN or proxy application. There are many famous and ads free vpn services being available there and you can choose from,FlyVpn appBest VPNZen Mate
  • Install the VPN application which you think works ok for you. The above mentioned apps are totally free and have some premium features which would not affect your future use.
  • After installation open the app and create or log in to your free account. If you are creating a new account there are not many difficult steps but use an email which you can access as the apps will send you a verification link.
  • After you have completed all the above steps and created the account or logged in open the app and choose the locations of your choice to connect to vpn service. After the connection has established open spotify apk premium in Offline mod and create a new or log back in to your account.
  • Enjoy the free music with unlimited downloads and playlists forever.

how to get spotify premium free FAQs

There are lots of questions being asked by people who have been using or are willing to use the free spotify premium for music and podcasts for life. You can ask your own questions in the comments box below if you have other issues.

Best connect and speed to use spotify premium apk?

spotify premium apk usually runs smoothly on any connection with uninterrupted internet access of approx. 384 KBPS speed. You can download and stream music without any buffering on this minimal speed but if you are looking for HD music experience you should prefer connection of more than 1Mbs.

Will the playlists in created in spotify premium will be deleted when I reinstall app?

If you are using the app with your email or Facebook account your playlists will remain save associated with your account and if you change your phone or reinstall the app the lists won’t be removed and can be accessed wherever you log in your account. Or you can use your application backup for future purposes depends on what sort of data you are looking for or you can use your Android or IOS backup plan too.

Is free spotify premium apk legal?

Yes it is legal but in grey area, Meaning the official website clearly states that any proxies using the services free are in breach of terms and conditions but spotify apk uses their own servers to access the data which is ok with the privacy policy and thus makes the usage of app clearly legal. As the applications is used for only educational and entertainment purposes only.

how to get spotify premium for free?

The application is totally free with the premium version and all the data of paid subscriptions can be accessed without any charge. But once you have the money for subscription we would recommend that you go for the paid official services.

How to reset the password of spotify premium free?

You can easily reset the password of your app from the official website where you need to go to Forgot Password section and entor your user id and email for verfircation. Which will promomt a verification email to rest the password with a temporary root password.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk V8.4.63.579 Download

Spotify Premium APk

Spotify Download Mod Apk Version

Download Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium Apk Stable or Final Version

Download v8.4.72.845 (ARM) Download v8.4.72.845 MOD (×86)

Beta – Spotify Web Player Mode Apk

Spotify Music Premium (v8.4.72.845) Beta MOD (ARM+x86) / Mirror

Spotify Web For Intel x86

Download Spotify Premium Apk

Old Version of Spotify Premium Apk

Download Spotify v8.4.44.632 Download Spotify v8.4.39.673 Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.32.623 Stable Mega MOD Spotify Premium v8.4.31.723 Apk Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.18.743 Spotify Music Premium v8.2.0.788 Final MOD

Spotify Cracked Apk How To Get Free Premium Spotify Music Account Andriod

Ultimate Guide to Spotify Cracked Apk

The most highlighting feature of Spotify premium is the ability to get unlimited downloads of your favorite songs. Which is not available in the standard version of Spotify, no matter how big your playlist is, 100 songs or even 10k; with Spotify premium, you’re covered with the Unlimited downloads, so you can go on a download spree.

How to get Hacked spotify?

Ads might be annoying for many and might sometimes also get in the way of an excellent user experience which Spotify does have. So, to get rid of adverts be it banner ads or skippable videos ads, the premium version makes sure you have a completely ad-free experience. Because the app assumes here in this modded premium version that you’re using the premium variant and will immediately remove all ads.

What is spotify++ apk?

As you already read about unlimited downloads with the premium version and this is also another benefit from doing is that you can take those downloaded songs anywhere around the world, without re-downloading them every single time you travel somewhere else. They’re stored offline on your phone to listen offline in any part of the world, which isn’t possible with the non-premium version.

This is box title
The feature available for the only premium Spotify users is the ability to have unlimited Skips means you can breeze through the play-list without listening to a particular song that you don’t find amusing. With normal Spotify, you get a limited number of skips.
Spotify apk download Features and Restrictions

This also in return saves data, as you don’t have to listen to the song which you don’t like and waste data playing it. It might sound like an unnecessary constraint, but it is what it is with Spotify.

There are many ways by which you can download and install the free Spotify mod apk and before you do so make sure that you have understood all the features and restrictions which come with the official account. Some issues and pros have been discussed above and about some i am going to give a brief ideas. As many people wonder that what they are installing would give them every nook and corner. But be sure that there are multiple things that cannot be achieved via the mod apk installation.

Uninstall the Previous Version of spotify premium

This step is the most important of all before installing the latest version of spotify mod apk. Remeber this that if you are using any other similar application or original one you have to uninstall all the versions or apk’s before you move towards installing the new one. This need to be done along with clearing and checking of any old version files. The reason behind is that some other files from previous instillation might affect the new free premium version of spotify which could disrupt the services.

hulu spotify

Risk Involved Using Mod/Hack Methods

This is the most asked FAQ by many people who are willing to try the Mod Apk are asking one question, Is Using Hacked Spotify Safe?

RisksAccount AgeFlaggingBlacklisting
There is no simple and straight answer for this as there are many websites which are offering number of Spotify Premium Free versions with advertising number of features that might not actually have been released by the official source. There are many other risks too which loom when you install the mod apk app.
With lots of these mod apk you cannot signup a new account and cannot use the old one. Which means that you have only one option to signup, via social account which could be used for collection information and data collection and puts your profile at risk of being used for unwanted access and sometime target marketing purposes.
The company which is one of the biggest music streaming company of world employs number of technical personnel who have only one job of locating the Spotify Premium mod apk and terminate them.
Which mean that someday or somehow there are chances that your application would get flagged and thus removed from working.
Spotify last month released a statement announcing that they are working hard to bring more and more premium members to their platform and bringing an end to pirated users who are using back-end doors to avail their service.
With advanced bots programming number of spotify hacked have been blocked since past few months and crack down on others is on the way. Though many more cracked apk have since been launched by developers but nothing is for sure that how much linger would they last.
The users who were using the free premium services were blacklisted by their names and social accounts, data which was extracted by the company while blocking the pirated applications.

The company has recently released that they will be blocking the accounts of people who are using the free version from joining their premium services along-with blacklisted and banned from their Google account, Email account and Facebook account.

So the overall story is you might get banned from the company if your details like Name, Gender, Email address, Location, IP address, and similar information doesn’t match what you are representing to be.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free on Android

Spotify apk premium is the best source of free music with best quality and output with millions of past and present top rated charts and albums from artists all around the globe. But the most important glitch is that it is a paid service with a monthly subscription which for one user might be ok but if you are looking for a family subscription or for more than two people the monthly price could add up to a huge sum. Which brings us back to the question of why shouldn’t we try the hacked version of the service.

download spotify

Many will tell you that its wrong basing their ideas on morality and ethics but when you have little sum left you cant afford the premium services for music.

Just like YouTube where you can get access to free content up-to a limit. So comes the free version which due to its many flaws could be dangerous as the cracked apk comes with many pros and cons. But the most important to be kept in mind is never try to update an already installed application as it would ping the company and would get you and your service banned.
So always remember never to update the app manually, you can update via reinstallation of an updated free version.

There might be some feature in your spotify premium free that might not work for you because of version difference or no release notes available. As spotify releases weekly updates to their application to foil the free unpaid users.

So if you are looking for all the block free and authentic taste of music you should absolutely look for getting a premium services for yourself.

The official Spotify service can be achieved by following method;

  1. Download spotify premium apk from your Android Store.

2. After starting the download tap on the application to open the settings tab, which will take you to another window of Android Settings.

3. You might not be able to install the application if you have not allowed the Unknown Sources to install the spotify cracked apk. This option might be at a different place on your phone depending on the version and setting of your operating system. If you cannot find it here check your storage and security setting too.


Once you have allowed the installation of app from unknown sources click continue to proceed.

4. Usually people skip the permissions needed step and move forward but keep in mind, while installing from hacked spotify you should pay attention to what permission you are giving to the application and what it actually need to run smoothly. If you are not that much into privacy issue you can click proceed to move to next step.

5. After the last step another window will automatically open where you can see two options of Install and cancel. Depending on your choice you have to click the install button to proceed.

6. It will automatically start the process of extracting and installing the package files on its own. It might take few minutes.

7. In the next few seconds, the modified spotify++ apk completes the installation. And you are ready to use the service.

8. Keep in mind that after you have completed the installation you should retreat back to Android settings > Security > Unknown sources > and confirm if the option is unchecked so that no other app is allowed to install on its own.

How to Sign Up for a New Spotify Account

After you have installed the application you still need to create the account for you to start using the services as it cannot be used without an account. If you do not have an account you need to get one. Important aspect while signing up is that you have to create the new account using the vpn service and using the location from outside United States. You can signup using your desktop browser and an authentic or working VPN service.

There are many which provide proxy networks for Chrome and Firefox extension but make sure that the one you are using offers multiple locations outside of United States. There are many good VPN services and i have written about in a separate article of what to look for while choosing. So today i will be working with Zen Mate, which is a chrome extension and can be installed in Firefox too. But there is another glitch with spotify mod apk as it does not allow sometimes to sign up from locations outside of United States.

So if you have this sort of problem do not panic and simply change your location to US which will clear the path for you.

Lets Get started for the process of signup

As told before i will be working with chrome and using the Zen Mate VPN extension to change my proxy setting.

1. Users from us should also follow the path as it hides your location and ip for future purposes.

2. In new tab open the official Spotify web page and look for signup page or button. Which will lead you to another sign up page.

spotify apk download
3. While filling the form you will see the Email Address box, now you can either use your won email address or use a Temporary Email service. Though i will prefer the latter as if your application somehow gets suspended or marked you wont get banned. So fill the form with details like Email address, Confirm email address, Password; you’re made up name, add made up birth date, gender, accept the terms and conditions and complete the captcha. Before clicking the Sign Up button review the information you have added and remember some of the fields as you might need them sometime. Now click on the button below the form to submit.

spotify apk download
4. Now you will get a message, “A verification email has been sent to your email address. Please Verify”. All you need to do is go back to your email account and look for email from Spotify, it might take few minutes for email to show in your inbox. when you have located the email open it and click on the verification link which will open another window on your browser.

spotify apk download

5. The new tab will now show the message “Your Account has been verified and now you can avail Spotify basic account features”. Now go back to main page or dashboard to check for any settings or changes you need to do.

spotify apk download

Important After you have created the account do not rush towards the app just relax and listen to some tracks as spotify security system monitors and tracks new accounts for sometime to check for spammers. You need to use the account for at least a day or two to listen to free music from your desktop browser. This is important part of new accounts sustainability or you will get banned immediately. Listen to at-least 30 or so track before you proceed towards spotify cracked.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone

Iphone which runs on updated and most secure IOS is the most difficult step by step installation during which spotify apk download could go haywire and end up in blocking your email id. Below is the step by step procedure of how to install the modified apk for IOS. As known the Iphone runs on most secure software along-with paid account which leaves less margin of error for user and less places for non market apps.

Which makes the installation of spotify premium free more difficult and more careful threaded steps to work with. As compared to android the IOS application creation an structure follow strict rules which avoid third parties to interfere. But as the developers have been working hard to bring backdoor tricks for the apps to be installed on your iphone. There are many applications like Jailbreak which crack your devices to install spotify cracked apk.

Below are details of step by step procedure of how to install the spotify hacked,

1. Open your device web browser, Opera or safari whichever you prefer or use and go to official website of TweakBoxApp and download the latest version of application. Make sure you are downloading the latest version on your smartphone and not on your desktop.
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2. After the installation completes run the software on your Apple device and after completion launch the software and Join Tweakbox club for free. You donot have to signup or do something else, just need to access the platform which will be used for further purposes.

3. Be sure to use Tweakbox via VPN as using without might cause your system to blacklist. You can use many vpn from above which work fine with both Android and ios. The best thing for using spotify cracked apk is to connect via a proxy server as it limits your chances of getting blocked by spotify official.

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4. You can use any number of Tweaked apps from this software which is the major hub of mod apks.
Move to next page, you will see number of options available for settings and updates. Browse below to find Tweaked apps and select Spotify from list below.

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5. When you have found the app open it to run the install. Though the IOS doesn’t allow third party apps to install in their smartphones but you can install using the twerked platform.

spotify apk download
6. The installation would take more than a minute so be patient and sit back. There are not many options or setting while installing the app.

spotify premium apk
7. After the installation has completed minimize the current page and move to iPhone settings > General > Profiles & device management and locate TweakBox to open.

spotify premium apk
8. When you open the tab you will see the message that Spotify premium iPhone app has been installed successful on your phone.

spotify premium apk
Launch your application from your smartphone and enter your details for login.

How to Get spotify apk download Free on Computer/PC

spotify apk premium is not hard to get for Computer or Pc just like for Android and Iphone. There are many versions of spotify cracked for all the devices in here only you should have the basic knowledge of what and how to get your desired one. The free version as already advertised is free of any charge and monthly subscription. There are many platform like Android emulators which help in easing out the process for the installation. There are many emulators like, Bluestacks which have high user ratings and number of downloads but we will be using others for our project. I would recommend that you use MeMu Android player for Windows and Nox App Player for Mac PC.

Android Emulator System Requirements

1. It doesn’t matter if you are using the latest version Processor, or PC because it requires Intel-V, and AMD Hyper-V technology support to run Android emulator.

spotify premium apk

Intel: Download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility to find whether your computer supports Intel-V.
AMD: You can use AMD Virtualization™ Technology and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ System Compatibility Check Utility tool to find it.
You need at least 2GB DDR2 or above RAM to run an Android emulator on your Windows PC.
Unfortunately MeMu or any other player requires decent graphics integration. Make sure to update your graphics driver, and also try to use a dedicated graphics card.
2rd Gen Core Processors support Android player functions, but old processors like Intel Pentium Dual-core and Core2duo may have a little difficult to give you good performance.
You need an active and fast inter connection to download the 300 MB file to run the program.

Now that you have installed the application successfully lets get it running for proper spotify cracked apk use.
1. Lauch the Nox App Player or MeMu player from your installed programs. It might take few minutes for program to load and run.
2. Upon launched you will see the full customized desktop of Nox App Player
You will need google play store to install the app. The installer will resolve the issues during the third party installation. You just have to locate the install icon for the action to take place.
3. The Nox App Player also has the feature of drag and drop, you can download the spotify apk download from our given sources and place the apk on the drag icon for installation.
Press ok to start the installation of the mod apk
4. If you are loading the apk from your Downloads locate the file from the upload button, which will open the pop up window.
5. After you have located the file and click on the install button the software will redirect you to dashboard where you could see the installation process in detailed. You have to wait till the application is fully installed and appear on your desktop or any other location of your choice.
Now you have successfully installed the spotify cracked apk. But you wont be able to use unless you have registered the account with Spotify.


Be careful while using the spotify apk premium on any of your, smartphone, tablet or pc as the app which is hosted mostly on anonymous serves takes your data without your information and uploads it. The modified apks which have no known sources are dangerous. Always use VPN for using spotify premium apk.

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Spotify Premium Apk Stable or Final Version

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